Streetlights could go out to save money

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STREETLIGHTS could be switched off across Eastbourne as part of cost cutting measures.

East Sussex County Council is looking into reducing energy usage to save on bills and options range from switching off alternate street lights to completely switching off.

Already councils across the country are looking into dimming or turning off their street lights and a pilot scheme is currently running in Heathfield.

A spokesperson at the county council said, “As a department we are having to plan for £4.3 million-worth of savings this year and approximately £13.2 million over the next four years.

“This equates to 20 per cent of our budget and put simply this means we will not have the money we need to carry on providing all the services we currently deliver.

“Therefore, we have had to carry out a fundamental review of all the services we provide and have had to make some very difficult decisions about which ones we should prioritise.

“We are currently piloting a part-night lighting scheme in Heathfield, which involves switching off the majority of lights on residential roads and dimming others between midnight and 5.30am.

“Turning off a proportion of our lamps at night has helped us reduce the amount of money we spend on energy for street lights and reduce our carbon emissions. As a result, we are looking at a range of options to save energy across the county.

“Where there are likely to be changes to service delivery, consultation with the public will take place.”