Street workout star Stephen vies to become World Champ

Stephen Hughes-Landers SUS-140207-114707001
Stephen Hughes-Landers SUS-140207-114707001

An Eastbourne man is set to represent Great Britain at the Street Workout World Championship finals in Moscow later this month.

Stephen Hughes-Landers will compete against athletes from 64 other countries in Russia on July 26 for the title of World Champion.

The 33-year-old teaches calisthenics – a body-weight only exercise, the extreme version of which provides the basis for street workout. He is also a member of Official Barstarzz, which has more than 70 million views on YouTube.

Calisthenics has a huge scene in Europe and the USA but Stephen hopes to spread the word here in the UK by offering free teaching sessions for anybody who wants to learn.

Stephen said, “I gave up my profession a year ago to watch videos and learn this. I live for this and love every second.

“I am looking forward to Moscow as more bars mean more options. There are so many incredible athletes competing that are heroes of mine. I said to myself ‘you won’t be top but you won’t be bottom’. Then I remembered what Dejan Stipke said to me before the UK comp - ‘You get one chance’. I am going to go and be the best me I can be and nothing less.”

Stephen is also competing in the European stage of the World Cup, which could see him qualify for the Super Finals in Oslo. When he’s not taking part, Stephen is often invited to judge many other competitions.

For more information on calisthenics and street workout, visit the website at or Stephen’s Twitter and Instagram account at @Iambarstarzz.