Street drinker murder enquiry dropped by police

A street drinker whose death in Hampden Park triggered a murder inquiry attacked a toilet attendant’s van and fatally injured himself.

Alcoholic John Holloway died of a head wound the day after the confrontation in Brassey Avenue in September.

Sussex Police have now dropped the murder inquiry and passed their files to the East Sussex Coroner for an inquest to be held. Mr Holloway, 46, of Malvern Close, was well known in the area for sitting on benches outside public toilets by the Hampden Park station level crossing.

After his death a 48-year-old Polish cleaning contractor was arrested on suspicion of murder and released him on bail. A post-mortem showed that Mr Holloway had died of a head injury and detectives now believe that Mr Holloway had become abusive when the toilet attendant arrived to close the toilets for the night.

As the attendant drove off, Mr Holloway is believed to have hurled himself at the side of his van, bounced off and banged his head on the pavement.

The Polish man has been told that no further action will be taken.

Mr Holloway was branded a “neighbour from hell” in 2006 when he was evicted from his former home in Brighton and jailed for 16 weeks for threatening neighbours.