'Stay away from the edge': Fresh cliff fall at Seven Sisters sparks warning

Walkers are warned to stay away from the edge of Seven Sisters after further cliff fall at the beauty spot this week.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 1:17 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 2:30 pm
Cliff fall at Seven Sisters
Cliff fall at Seven Sisters

This comes as chalk cliffs at nearby Seaford Head also suffered with erosion on Sunday (October 14).

Related stories: Warning after cliff fall at Seaford HeadYouths dicing with death by urinating off Seven Sisters cliffsWarning after 'significant' cliff fall at Birling GapA statement on the Seven Sisters Country Park website said: "Recent cliff falls serve as a useful reminder that chalk cliffs are naturally unstable and visitors should stay well away from the edge and the base of any cliffs.

"While we would encourage people to enjoy the beautiful coastline of East Sussex, we would remind visitors that you do have a duty of care and responsibility for your own safety."

Cliff fall at Seven Sisters

The erosion at the world-famous white cliffs is caused either by rough seas or heavy rainfall, according to the National Trust. Water passes through the chalk when it lands on the surface and then freezes as temperatures drop. The water then expands and cracks the chalk, causing the cliffs to erode from the top, the Trust said.

After a cliff fall at Seaford Head, Newhaven Coastguard said: “There is the possibility of more falls along the south coast after this period of heavy rain which is increasing the risk of cliff instability and it makes cliff falls more likely.

“People should give the cliff edges a very wide berth and not to get too close to the top of cliff edges or approach the base of cliffs either.”

Cliff fall at Seven Sisters