Station's licence is put on hold

POPULAR radio station Seahaven FM has had its licence decision put back this week despite a long wait.

The station, which currently broadcasts over the internet, was set up in March last year but only had a licence for a month.

It then continued to broadcast over the internet while campaigning for a full-time community radio licence. The station has however still not had a decision will now not know the outcome until September.

The station's managing director Nick Mallinson said, "It is extremely disappointing, we have been waiting for such a long time."

MP Norman Baker, who presents a jazz, blues and country music show on the station on Sunday mornings, said, "I am disappointed that Ofcom has not come up with a decision for Seahaven FM.

"I will be writing to Ofcom to stress again the advantages of the Seahaven FM cause and will urge them to reach a positive decision as soon as possible."

The Seaford Gazette reported in March last year the radio station's popularity, "A community radio station for Seaford has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback it has received since taking to the air."

Nonetheless, despite the popularity, the licensing decision was put back until September because Ofcom's Radio Licensing Committee reportedly ran out of time.

However, Uckfield FM and Meridian FM of East Grinstead were awarded community radio licences after the meeting.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said, "The committee have a lot to get through and so the licence has not been decided yet."