Stair fall led to death of heavy drinker

A HEAVY drinker died accidentally after falling down the stairs in her home, an inquest has heard.

Kathryn Maynard, a 52-year-old auxiliary nurse who worked at Eastbourne DGH, was found unconscious at the bottom of the stairs at the Astaire Avenue home she shared with her husband and two sons.

An inquest into Mrs Maynard’s death was held at Eastbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday afternoon (October 6).

Deputy coroner Joanna Pratt heard Mrs Maynard was a heavy drinker and had been drinking at home on April 25.

Her son Richard Maynard explained he was at home with his girlfriend and was planning to go to the pub.

Giving evidence at his mother’s inquest he said, “She asked if she could come with me and I said no because I knew she had been drinking – I could tell when she was drunk.

“But she got upset so I took her with me.”

When he arrived at the pub he bought his mum a bottle of wine but she had only one glass before Richard decided to take her home because she was too drunk.

The taxi driver would not take Mrs Maynard so her son and his girlfriend accompanied her home and helped her through the front door and on to the sofa.

Richard and his girlfriend returned to the pub, leaving Mrs Maynard slumped on the sofa and the remainder of her wine in the kitchen.

Her other son Nicholas went home later and saw his mother was still on the sofa.

Mrs Maynard’s husband Robert came home later that evening and saw his wife at the bottom of the stairs.

He called an ambulance and efforts were made to treat Mrs Maynard but she died at Eastbourne DGH the next day from a serious head injury.

A toxicology report showed she was seven times over the legal drink drive limit.

Mrs Maynard’s family told Miss Pratt she would regularly drink two or three bottles of wine a day.

She had also previously been convicted of a drink driving offence in the past.

Mrs Maynard had also attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Miss Pratt recorded a verdict of accidental death.