Spray paint vandals target parking signs

Parking sign at Richmond Road Seaford with the 'P' covered over. March 25th 2013 E13045P
Parking sign at Richmond Road Seaford with the 'P' covered over. March 25th 2013 E13045P

Police are investigating after a series of road signs in Seaford were spray painted, costing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

The first incident happened in February when 15 parking signs were targeted in several streets in the town.

Since then four parking signs in Richmond Road have been damaged.

The latest crime was reported on March 20 and the signs were spray painted between 6pm on Tuesday March 19 and 7am on Wednesday March 20, costing £400 worth of damage.

On February 28 a resident reported damage to road signs in several roads including Steyne Road, Stafford Road, Crouch Lane, East Street, Warwick Road, South Street and Guardswell Place. In total 15 were spray painted black. The signs, which include information about parking restrictions in the location, have been defaced with black spray paint.

That incident took place between midday and 6pm on Tuesday February 26.

Acting Seaford Sergeant Chris Wright said police were linking the two, adding, “Any damage to property is frowned upon.

“This latest damage follows a previous report on 28/02/13 in which East Sussex County Council reported damage to some 15 signs in Seaford.

The cost to replace all the signs in question is considerable.

“It would appear that someone is feeling disgruntled with the parking restrictions in place in some residential areas of the town, but at the same time it is difficult to understand why they should choose to express their feelings in this manner as it’s fairly obvious that any damage caused to such property will have an impact on the future raise in council tax.

“Sussex Police are keen to hear from anyone that has information which would help to identify an offender.

Please phone the police contact centre on telephone 101 quoting police incident number 0641:20/03/13 with any related information.”