Sponsorship plea to get Vulcan Airbourne

AIRBOURNE organisers are still a long way off confirming a high-profile replacement for the stay-away Red Arrows.

The iconic display team have opted to swap the sunshine of Eastbourne for the skies above Red Square in Moscow, leaving the popular annual showcase without a star turn to headline.

Fans appealed to Eastbourne Borough Council to book the Vulcan – a historic jet which flew during the Cold War up until the mid-80s.

Town hall officials agreed but need to secure around £20,000 in sponsorship to hire the flight team for each day of the August festival.

And a spokesman confirmed this week that the authority had yet to receive any cash towards the cost.

Added to that there is the ongoing problem of the Vulcan being grounded for repairs after suffering a small fire during take-off at a airshow earlier this year.

The council spokesman said, “We are currently unable to book the Vulcan as it is undergoing work to replace two engines.

“We are hopeful it will return to the skies mid-July and in the meantime are seeking a potential sponsor to help us bring this fabulous jet to Eastbourne.

“It is our aim to bring the Vulcan to Airbourne providing that it is fit to fly in time for the show.”

Any local businesses who would like to sponsor the Vulcan flight at Airbourne should contact the town hall.