Speedway fans gear up to save the Eagles club

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The fight to save Eastbourne Eagles has taken a new twist with news that the club’s fans are ‘optimistic’ that they can put their own consortium together.

Eastbourne has had a speedway club for nearly 80 years but promoter Bob Dugard says the Eagles will fold at the end of the season if a backer isn’t found.

Now die hard fans are vowing to dig deep into their own pockets to buy out the famous club.

John Firth, 68, said, ”All of us are united in the fact that we do not want the Eagles to go out of the league.

“I,like the majority of supporters, have been coming to the Arlington stadium for years and years to support the Eastbourne Eagles.

“We all love speedway and the stadium itself is in a beautiful setting. Yes the stadium is a bit tatty and tired but that’s because the Dugard family can’t pay for everything.

“It’s the riders’ wages that are costing the club so much money. Don’t get me wrong, we have some great riders and they are worth the money they get. It’s just business at the end of the day isn’t it?

“Things looked very bleak a week ago. But now I am optimistic that we can get a fans consortium together.”

Paul Williams, 61, added, “I have no idea how much money I can contribute. But even if it’s a few hundred pounds then it’s a start. I know the club is losing a lot of money every year. It’s going to take a lot of money to keep the Eagles going. But if we all chip in with what we can, who knows?

Mr Dugard says there is currently no news about the situation. “Unfortunately nothing has changed,” he told the Herald.

“We all want to keep the club going. Of course we do. But the figures have to add up and at the moment it’s costing a great deal of our own money [£200,000 a year] to keep the speedway going.”

Eastbourne Eagles’ next home fixture is on July 19 against Poole Pirates and once again fans are being urged to turn out in force.