Speeding drivers may lose their licences

MOTORISTS who drive at more than 100 mph down country roads are being warned to slow down or they could lose their licence.

Officers from the Roads Policing Unit at Sussex Police say they have recently caught a number of vehicles travelling at speeds of more than 100 mph on A class roads throughout the county.

A large number of serious accidents were reported in April.

A police review of collisions in Sussex for April revealed 58 fatal or serious injury collisons of which 25 involved motorcycles and mopeds.

The collisions resulted in 28 casualties, of which one was fatal and 17 resulted in serious injuries.

Sergeant Carl Knapp from the Roads Policing Unit said, “While each road collision is investigated separately it is important that we continue to do all we can to reduce the number of casualties in our county.

“Speeding is a significant factor in crashes.

“People who choose to exceed the speed limit can expect to be subject of enforcement and anyone travelling at speeds of three figures will be prosecuted and is at serious risk of losing their licence.

Sergeant Knapp said speedsters are massive danger to other road-users.

He said, “When vehicles travel at a speed disproportionate to other road users, the risk of collision increases.

“Any vehicle waiting to pull out of a junction or overtake another vehicle, is basing their manoeuvre on what they can see.

“They will be making their assessment based on vehicles travelling at or near the speed limit for the road. “If someone is travelling up to 40mph faster than that, what was a suitable gap is quickly closed down.

“By this time the vehicle has started their move and the result is inevitable.

“Please enjoy the roads of Sussex, but keep your speeds legal and appropriate to the conditions.”