Special delivery surprise for little Maisie

Maisie Smith enjoys her special day
Maisie Smith enjoys her special day

A SIX-YEAR-OLD cancer sufferer was treated to a massive delivery of almost 200 birthday cards to celebrate her special day.

When Maisie Smith, of St Philip Avenue, had her sixth birthday recently the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service along with Eastbourne’s postmen pulled out all the stops to make it a great day.

Maisie’s dad Dominic said, “I asked colleagues, friends at the fire service and family to help with surprising Maisie by inundating her with birthday cards as she would not be able to do what she wanted to do for her birthday.

“The response was incredible and we had 186 cards delivered.”

The posties in Eastbourne took the story to heart and held on to any letters which looked like birthday cards ready to deliver all together of Maisie’s birthday.

They also got her a card signed by dozens of staff, two teddies and a very generous financial gift.

Five kind-hearted postmen then came and delivered everything on the morning of her birthday.

Dominic and Maisie’s mum Sarah said, “Thanks to some very special people at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and our lovely Eastbourne postmen and women, Maisie had a very special birthday.

“I think that we are very lucky to live in a town where there are some truly wonderful men and women serving our community and I thank them for their efforts”