Soggy but satisfied! Friends start work on Gardens’ facelift

The planters at Manor Gardens
The planters at Manor Gardens

EVERYTHING will soon be blooming in Manor Gardens thanks to a facelift by a newly formed campaign group.

The Friends of Manor Gardens was out in the wind and rain on Monday morning putting plants and shrubs in the sensory garden.

They were paid for by Eastbourne Borough Council’s devolved ward budget scheme which sees councillors for the area nominating good and worth causes.

One of the ward councillors, Annabelle West, said she was delighted money could be found from the Upperton ward budget for the project.

Members of the Friends joined David Henry and other staff from the council’s Parks and Gardens department for the planting.

The devolved ward budget has also helped pay for a bench facing the pond within the tranquil gardens.

Councillor Annabelle West said, “We got drenched and very muddy but it will be worth it.

“The parks and garden staff were brilliant and really know their plants and exactly where the best position is for them.

“Manor Gardens is very tranquil and a bench too will be lovely for residents to sit and relax on in the warm sunshine.”

Mary Corran, from the Friends of Manor Park, said, “Neither rain nor snow will deter us.

“We are very sure that we want to help restore Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park to the state Eastbournians remember from their youth. We want people of all ages to enjoy these lovely green spaces, and to care about them for the future.”