Smelly ‘chick or mouse’ in baby’s food

Object in baby food
Object in baby food

A mother who went to serve her eight-month-old son organic baby food for lunch was shocked to find what looked like a dead chick or mouse in the meal.

Charlotte Hutson, was preparing an organic puree pouch when she made the disgusting discovery.

She was about to serve her baby boy Harry the ‘tasty chicken and butternut squash’ pouch which is made by Annabel Karmel for babies aged six months and above and advertised as having a ‘pure and wholesome organic home-cooked taste’.

Charlotte, from Hailsham, said, “I found what looked like a chick or a mouse.

“The smell was horrific.

“Why and how has this got in to a pack of baby food and why and how was this in the factory?

“Luckily I hadn’t fed my son any otherwise that could have been very serious.”

Having purchased the baby food from Sainsbury’s, Charlotte took it back to the store. As it was not a Sainsbury’s product she then went to Annabel Karmel, the manufacturer of the product and Environmental Health.

The foul-smelling foreign body is now in a laboratory for testing and the results were due to come back as the Herald went to press.

A spokesperson from Annabel Karmel said they were aware of the ‘unidentifiable content’ in the baby puree pouch and would tell the Herald what the item was when the results came back from the laboratory.

The spokesperson said, “We have taken their concerns very seriously and the contents of the pouch is currently with our manufacturer’s analytical laboratory for analysis.”