Small increase in Eastbourne crime

CRIME in Eastbourne rose slightly in July this year compared to last summer.

Figures released by Eastbourne Police say overall crime for the 12-month period to the end of July 2011 compared to the 12-month period ending July 2010 rose slightly, up by 1.5 per cent.

Burglary of houses for the same period is down by more than 20 per cent – a reduction that means that 39 fewer people were victims.

Thefts from shops continues its decline with reductions every month for over a year.

There was a reduction of 2 per cent for July 2011 compared to the same period last year - 19 fewer victims.

Criminal damage to vehicles showed a healthy decline with a fall of 24 per cent resulting in 171 fewer victims.

Details of crime in the Eastbourne area are available on the crime and policing website at