Skydiving mum will confront her fears

Leanna Meredith and her son Billy Forse
Leanna Meredith and her son Billy Forse
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THE MUM of a disabled youngster will do a skydive this weekend, despite being terrified of heights.

Leanna Meredith, of Mulberry Close, said even high heels can ‘make her head go wobbly’ but on Sunday she will take part in a tandem skydive to raise money for Unique, a charity which has helped her and her son Billy. Billy Forse is 11 and has a piece of chromosome missing. He is the only person in the world to have that specific condition and it took medics around seven years to diagnose.

Although Billy does make progress and recently learnt to say mummy, he is unable to walk, crawl, stand or communicate. He is similar to a nine-month-old child and needs help with every day tasks such as feeding. Despite his serious disability, 31-year-old Leanna says Billy is a happy child. “He has got a constant grin on his face and he is always laughing,” she said. Billy has just finished at South Downs Special School and is due to attend Hazel Court in September. Since Billy’s diagnosis, Leanna has received support from a charity called Unique. It is a charity which supports thousands of families nationwide affected by rare chromosome disorders.

Leanna said, “With no information available from geneticists and doctors we were given the details of Unique, a charity supporting families affected by rare chromosome disorders.

“They provide information and can link families to others affected by similar disabilities. Without this support, thousands of people would be left feeling isolated.”

Leanna is hoping to raise as much cash as possible for the charity when she and her friend Christine Verneulen do the parachute jump on Sunday (July 31). She said, “I am terrified. I am having nightmares. I would never be able to jump from a plane so I am just glad it is a tandem jump because it means I won’t have that much control over when I leave the plane.”

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