Skate park plans put on back burner

Cross Levels Way Hampden Park old skateboarding/BMX bike area July 21st 2011 E29248M
Cross Levels Way Hampden Park old skateboarding/BMX bike area July 21st 2011 E29248M

Plans for a new skate park in Hampden Park appear to have been put on ice until next year.

Eastbourne Borough Council agreed last year to stump up the £120,000 cash for the project, which supporters hope will go on the site of the former BMX park in Cross Levels Way.

That site is regarded as one of the most suitable as it is not near any residential areas and police say they would be able to drive past and keep an eye out for any anti social behaviour.

But the council said this week the skate park would not be built until 2014 at the earliest.

Councillor Steve Wallis said, “While it had been hoped to complete the project in 2013, the building of a skate park remains a priority for the council. The finance has been allocated and once the extensive consultation process has been completed it is anticipated that construction will start early 2014.

“Eastbourne Borough Council officers have been investigating potential sites in Hampden Park and consulting with all interested parties. A questionnaire is also being distributed to determine the preferred location.

“Skate park users will then be consulted on their preference for design and the build material. It is important that we consider the opinions of those who will use the skate park and by becoming actively involved with the project in terms of the location, build material and design, they will ultimately take ownership and look after the new facility.

“There will need to be a planning application and also surveys carried out to determine the impact on those living or working in the vicinity of the new skate park and if required, measures will be put in place to lessen the potential of any disturbance.

“We need to ensure the new facility is built in the right place and to a design that will be appreciated by those who use it, long into the future.”

The former rifle range in Hampden Park was another site being looked at.