Sixty happy years for Peggy and Peter

Peter and Peggy Greenfield 60th Wedding Anniversary. October 3rd 2012 E41118N
Peter and Peggy Greenfield 60th Wedding Anniversary. October 3rd 2012 E41118N

An couple from Eastbourne have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

Peggy and Peter Greenfield, of Cunningham Drive, married at St Richard’s Church in Heathfield on October 4, 1952.

The couple enjoyed a reception in the church hall after their white wedding.

Peggy, 79, told the Herald about when she and Peter met.

She said, “We met when I was 16 but then Peter had to go in to the Army and he was sent out to Kenya in the military police.

“Two years later he came back for Christmas and I saw him again at a dance in Heathfield.

“I think when I saw him that second time it was love at first site.”

The dance in which the couple met for the second time was in 1951, so they married just under a year later .

The couple then decided to have a family and Peggy had their first son Andrew on September 18, 1953 and came out of hospital and went home with the baby on their first wedding anniversary.

Two years later came their second child Steven and then in 1960 they had Wendy.

Peter was in the police force for many years and the family moved with him around Sussex as he was sent to different areas to work.

Peter worked as a plain clothed detective inspector in the police force.

The family lived in Lewes, Newhaven and Hailsham over the years and Peggy spent time working in a hospital in Newhaven.

They moved to Eastbourne in 1983 and Peter worked for a security firm.

The couple have always had their own interests and Peggy says that is important in a marriage.

She said, “It means when you meet up you have got things to talk about and I think that is very important.”

Peggy is a member of the local WI and the Harbour Club.

Peter takes a keen interest in horse racing.

When asked the secret to a happy marriage, Peggy said, “Coming together in the evening to share a bottle of wine.”