Six-car smash outside Eastbourne pub

A SIX-car smash outside The Lamb in Old Town caused an hour-long road closure on Friday (December 16).

The pile-up, in which three cars were badly damaged and had to be towed away, happened just after 10am on the High Street.

The crash caused one car to plough through the railings outside The Lamb pub.

Jim McRobert at The Lamb helped the lady after her car crashed in to the railings and stopped around two feet from the pub’s door.

Jim said, “About five minutes earlier I was sweeping up out the front, so I am lucky I wasn’t crushed. Thankfully no-one was walking past at the time.

“I was in the pub when the crash happened and I went outside to see the car nearly in the door.”

Jim said the air bags had inflated and the driver was stuck in the car. He went to check she wasn’t injured and then helped to free her from the vehicle.

“She was taken off to hospital to be checked but I think she was alright,” said Jim.

The police confirmed two people from the crash were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Jim added, “Thank God no-one was hurt. It is lucky there wasn’t a little old lady walking past.”

Police and ambulance and recovery trucks attended the scene and the road was closed for around an hour.

Police said they were unsure how the crash happened and were still investigating.