Shopper’s anger at new parking rules set by Lidl

Car Park Cameras outside the store SUS-140723-100322001
Car Park Cameras outside the store SUS-140723-100322001

A Hailsham resident has been left outraged after receiving a £90 charge for parking in the Lidl car park in Eastbourne for more than an hour.

Philip Hunt is just one of many shoppers who have this week been shocked to receive a letter stating they must pay a fee for parking outside the store in Seaside for more than 60 minutes.

Lidl claims the new regime – with cameras in the car park recording what time vehicles arrive and leave – was brought in after complaints from customers who were unable to find a space.

Mr Hunt said, “We used to do our shopping at Lidl every week, we were very regular customers. The time we spent in store varied but on the day in question, it took us a long time from entering the car park to actually find a space, then time queuing at the checkouts and more time queuing to get out of the car park.

“Apparently there are signs around the car park telling people about these charges but when I drive into a car park, I’m not looking at signs - I’m looking for somewhere to park. The trouble is, people park in Lidl and climb across the low wall to the shops and the Post Office across the road.

“I would welcome a scheme where you pay to enter the car park and the money is refunded to customers at the tills. I was a loyal customer but I will not be shopping there again until this dispute is settled.”

A spokesperson for Lidl said, “To ensure we can offer a parking space to all of our customers throughout the day, we have amended our free parking.

“New signage was placed around the car park two months prior to changes. We believe the changes to the Eastbourne store’s car park will help towards a happier shopping experience.”