Shopper injured on day new Morrisons store opens

Morrisons new store at Hampden Park. October 17th 2012 E42089N
Morrisons new store at Hampden Park. October 17th 2012 E42089N

A shopper has been left with severe bruising and on crutches after a stack of trolleys crashed into her at the new Morrisons store in Eastbourne.

Linda Mele says she was on the travelator going up into the store when the trolleys rolled down towards her and she landed in a crumpled heap.

The accident happened on Monday, the first day the store threw opens its doors to the public.

Sixty-four-year-old Mrs Mele, who lives in Sorrel Drive, hurt her shoulder, knee and ankle and had to leave the store immediately to go to the accident and emergency unit at Eastbourne DGH.

There she was x-rayed and told she had not suffered any broken bones but did have severe bruising and would need crutches to walk for the next ten days.

Mrs Mele said, “I was going up the travelator with my husband and I could see some staff pushing a stack of trollies up in front of us. The trolleys started to roll back and I could see them coming towards me. There were two other ladies who had to get out of the way.

“I couldn’t get out of the way in time and they crashed into me. The worse thing was that nobody did anything. They took my details for their accident book but didn’t offer any first aid.”

Store deputy general manager Matt Saunders said,“We’re sorry that this incident happened.

“Customer safety is paramount for us, which is why we now have staff positioned at the bottom and the top of the travelators to offer assistance to customers.

“We are also planning to relocate the trolleys to a different area of the store.”

The opening day of the multi million pound store Lottbridge Drove was hit by troubles on opening day (Monday October 21).

The area was hit by traffic chaos. Management told staff there to stay away from the on site car park, and park elsewhere.