Shocking photos emerge of black mould-riddled emergency accommodation in Eastbourne

Shocking photos have surfaced of a black mould-riddled property which was used for emergency accommodation in Eastbourne.

Friday, 10th January 2020, 10:07 am
Updated Friday, 10th January 2020, 10:23 am
The emergency housing in Cornfield Road, Eastbourne SUS-201001-101106001

The £70-a-night flat in 35A Cornfield Road has been described as a “hell hole” by former resident Juliette Mottram.

The mother of four said, “It nearly killed us. What we went through was horrific.

“It was one of the worst times of our lives. We were placed in that hell hole with no heating.”

Black moul don the bathroom ceiling. Photo by Juliette Mottram SUS-201001-095205001

Juliette, who says she developed asthma due to the black mould, said, “We lived next to heroin addicts.

“There was human faeces outside, there was a dead rat, mould dripping from the walls. It was the most horrific, horrendous place in the world.

“My son has ME. He was left to rot in that place. The landlord got £70 a day for you to be condemned to Hell.”

The family lived there from June 2017 to February 2018, and Juliette said during that time she was constantly fighting the council to get out of there.

Mould on the ceiling and walls SUS-201001-095235001

The mother said there was a police raid at one point, and her doctor was “up in arms” trying to get her moved for her health.

She said, “How can they still be putting families through that? It‘s clear lessons haven’t been learned. This has got to stop.”

This revelation comes following a story published by the Eastbourne Herald this week about a young mother and her four children staying in the same property.

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Mother goes through ‘hell’ in emergency accommodation in Eastbourne
Photo by Juliette Mottram SUS-201001-095215001

Eastbourne Borough Council has today (January 10) confirmed it will no longer be placing people in the property or working with the landlord again.

Mould flecks on the ceiling and walls SUS-201001-095245001
Photo by Juliette Mottram SUS-201001-100759001
The letter box hanging off SUS-201001-095225001