Shock at sex toys in bowling alley

An Eastbourne father said he was ‘appalled’ to see a sex toy for sale in the toilets of the town’s bowling alley.

Tony James said it was ‘disgraceful’ to see the item in the vending machine in the men’s toilet at Lloyds Lanes in Hampden Park.

He explained he was visiting the family attraction with his children when the discovery was made by his young son.

He said his ten-year-old boy saw the item in the machine, which prompted some awkward questions from the youngster.

Tony said, “I was appalled when my ten-year-old son looked at the vending machine in the toilet and asked me what a certain sex toy was for.

“It is disgraceful that I should be placed in such a position on a family day out.”

Tony said the bowling alley is popular with children, young people and families and explained he did not think it was appropriate for such an item to be on sale.

He said, “Why on earth does the venue think these are appropriate items to be selling in their vending machines?

“In a nightclub perhaps, but family activity venue certainly not.”

The sexual aid is part of the Durex Play range and is being sold within the Durex machine, which also sells condoms.

The item was only available in the men’s toilets and not for sale in the machine in the ladies’ loos.

The bowling alley is run by David Lloyd Leisure Clubs and the company seemed surprised when the Gazette made contact.

A spokesperson from the company said, “This is certainly not common practice at David Lloyd Leisure clubs.

“We are looking into this immediately.”