Shock as rocks hurled at crowd at WW1 service

Armed Forces Day Drumhead Service at the Redoubt SUS-140630-103641001
Armed Forces Day Drumhead Service at the Redoubt SUS-140630-103641001

A family were left shocked and very shaken up after rocks were thrown at them during the World War One memorial service at the Redoubt Fortress last week.

At a time when people were trying to pay their respects to those who fought for our country 100 years ago, missiles were being hurled into the crowd by masked men on the street outside.

Fiona Scrase said, “It happened to my mum and my nan. They went to the Redoubt Fortress on Monday (August 4) for the WWI commemorative service because my brother was playing the Last Post.

“They were sat on the benches when they heard this almighty crash and saw a rock come flying through the air - it was very close to hitting them.

“It happened again and when they looked up, they saw two people wearing masks and hooded jumpers.

“These rocks weren’t small - if it hit them on the head, it would have killed them. It really shook them up, you don’t expect to get stones thrown at you when you go to a nice, quiet memorial service.

“It’s beggar belief. Who would do such a malicious thing at a service commemoration people who fought for our country in WWI.”

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said, “Police were called at 9.55pm on August 4 to reports of people throwing stones in Eastbourne.

“It was reported that stones were being thrown into Redoubt Fortress on Royal Parade while people were at a First World War memorial.

“Officers attended and spoke to people at the memorial. No-one was injured and no-one was arrested.

“It was thought it was teenagers and anyone with any further information is asked to contacted police on quoting serial 1739 of 4/8.”

The Redoubt hosted a series of events to mark the start of WWI. For more information, visit www.east