Shinewater’s appeal for lollipop rejected

Shinewwater Primary School, Milfoil Drive, no lollipop lady, July 5th 2013 E28021P
Shinewwater Primary School, Milfoil Drive, no lollipop lady, July 5th 2013 E28021P

Appeals to reinstate the lollipop patrol outside Shinewater School have been turned down by the county council.

Langney Lib Dem Councillor Alan Shuttleworth presented a petition signed by school governors, teachers, parents and local community groups to the latest economy, transport and environment meeting.

Councillor Carl Maynard, cabinet member for transport and environment, refused their request to reinstate the lollipop patrol outside the school because he said it did not meet the criteria.

Councillor Alan Shuttleworth said, “It is not acceptable to wait until there is a serious accident before taking action.

“Parents have reported ‘near misses’ at this congested site.

“Children’s safety is paramount. We need safe crossing points for children going to and from school.”

Eastbourne’s MP, Stephen Lloyd added, “I visit all the schools and I believe that the county council should be much more concerned to improve road safety, with the provision of more traffic calming measures, school safety 20mph zones and safer crossing points.”

East Sussex County Council would train and manage the patrol person if an alternative source of funding could be secured. This is something local campaigners are now exploring.

Brian Banks, the county council’s team manager for road safety, said, “Our policy is that any site which has a school crossing patrol in place is reassessed on an annual basis. We carry out a survey to standards laid down nationally, and if a site no longer meets our criteria, when a crossing patrol warden leaves and a new one is required, they are not replaced out of council funds.

However, if a volunteer or an external funding source can be found, the council will train and supervise a replacement crossing warden.

“We do understand the safety concerns people have, but with the large number of primary schools we have in East Sussex,

“it simply isn’t possible to provide a crossing patrol for all of them, and we have to ensure our limited resources are channelled to the areas of greatest need.”