Seven years of spying stories

barryjohnson SUS-141027-141117001
barryjohnson SUS-141027-141117001
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Local author Barry Johnson has completed the third in his series of explosive spy thrillers.

Hunt The Killer follows the exploits of ex-military policeman turned MI5 operative Jake Robinson.

Fresh from his violent undercover incarceration in HMS Peasmarsh, Robinson returns for another captivating case – determined to solve a series of brutal international murders of women from the UK to the United States and Iraq. With DI Kitty Halloway by his side and the beautiful Sam in his bed, Robinson processes all the information with his trademark psychological skill and cool.

Soon only a few suspects remain in the frame, but he will have to search deep within the roots of the army as a whole to solve the case.

Loyalties are questioned this time as Sergeant Jase Phillips, whose death Robinson has fought to avenge, is among the primary suspects.

Once again the action plays out under the ever-present shadow of The Family – a dominating force in the sphere of politics and the criminal world. If he can do so without confusing the roles of the two women in his life he may just come out of it all unscathed ...

It’s a fast-paced and thrilling read, with author Barry Johnson calling on his extensive military experience for the Jake Robinson series of action and psychological games.

Here’s a taste from Hunt The Killer: ‘As we walked round the corner into the darkness under a bridge I was shoved in the back.

‘I staggered forward, saw the flash and felt the bullet hit my left shoulder. I was off balance and was going down when the second shot whooshed over my head.

‘Two sharp cracks then came from behind me and a flash from the middle of the pavement 15 yards ahead and another bullet thunked into the wall I was cowering against in pain.’

Barry, of Rookery Way, Bishopstone, enjoyed a successful career in the Royal Navy as an avionics engineer and went on to manage and consult in industry.

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