Seeking the truth on UFO sightings

Malcolm Robinson
Malcolm Robinson

A PARANORMAL expert has published his latest book – taking a second look at UFO sightings in his native Scotland.

Malcolm Robinson, who works here in Eastbourne, having traded the Highlands for the Sunshine Coast a few years ago, is considered the number one authority on all things unexplained north of the border.

He has already published volume one of UFO Case Files of Scotland, to widespread critical acclaim, and back in 2009 became the first Scot to deliver a lecture on the paranormal at a major UFO conference – taking to the lectern in Nevada.

Since then he has been working on the follow up to his debut publication and helping edit a leading paranormal magazine.

That book, UFO Case Files of Scotland (Volume Two) The Sightings, has just hit the shelves and Mr Robinson is now looking forward to seeing a film script he wrote hit the screens later this year.

The 54-year-old has been working closely with movie makers DRB Entertainment for the flick which will cover one of the most famous cases Mr Robinson has worked on – the suspected alien abduction of Gary Wood and Colin Wright on a road out of Edinburgh on August 17 1992.

On that night the pair claim they saw a two-tiered disc-shaped object hovering 20ft above the road as they were driving from the capital to Ayr.

According to witness statements, the disc then sent out a silver mist which engulfed the car for what seemed like little more than a few seconds.

But, when the duo arrived at their friend’s house they were more than an hour and a half late.

Strange dreams followed and, under hypnosis, Mr Wright said he remembered seeing Mr Wood put in a chair and subjected to an examination which included being poked in his eye by a poker-like object. Both men recalled seeing three small figures stop their car.

That is just one of the incidents Mr Robinson has delved into in his quest to explain the unexplained - a quest which, he says, began from a far more critical standpoint than most UFO believers.

“I got into this business initially to disprove things - to prove that ghosts, UFOs and the like did not exist – and 99 per cent of UFO or paranormal cases are easily explained,” he said.

“However, I soon found the one per cent that can’t be explained and it is these cases which fascinate me.

“My goal is to continue researching cases pertaining to the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal and to hopefully provide some form of answer to account for what at present eludes us.”

So, does Mr Robinson thing the truth is still out there? “The information provided at this conference clearly showed that there are vehicles operating in the skies of the world, which clearly are not our own,” said Mr Robinson. “UFOs are real, of that there is no question.

“There have been literally thousands of first class UFO reports coming from all parts of the world.

“We are at the bottom of a long ladder of understanding and each day brings us closer to the truth.”

UFO Case Files of Scotland (Volume 2) The Sightings is out now priced at £14.99 and available from and