Second cygnet dies as fund set up for rescue centre

Swans at Hampden Park SUS-140915-092205001
Swans at Hampden Park SUS-140915-092205001

A second cygnet has died after a swan family was removed from a Hampden Park pond.

The cygnets and swans were removed from the pond on September 8 after one cygnet was found dead by an Eastbourne Borough Council officer.

The remaining five cygnets were taken to the Swan Sanctuary Charity, where three were put on a drip. Since then one of the cygnets has died.

Investigation put the problem down to parasites living in the shallow silt in the pond.

The Friends of Hampden Park contacted the Herald to reassure visitors there was not a virus in the pond.

“We have been advised that there is not a virus in the water, it is not dangerous, but there are parasites in the shallow silt that have been ingested by the cygnets, hence their malaise,” said Sandy Boyce-Sharpe, chairman of the Friends.

The male swan has returned to the pond with his partner, as they feed from the deeper end of the pond. The parasite problem is one which affected a swan family in 2008, and £120,000 was spent dredging the pond. Now, the Friends of Hampden Park estimate another £100,000 is needed to dredge the shallow areas of the pond.

An appeal for donations towards the cost of the cygnets care has been set up by the Friends, for The Swan Sanctuary. Send donations to Friends of the Hampden Park, Courtmead, Walnut Tree Walk, Eastbourne BN20 9BP with cygnet rescue fund written on the reverse of the cheque.