Seaside Garage closes its doors

Seaside Garage Fairlight Rd Eastbourne SUS-150402-171744001
Seaside Garage Fairlight Rd Eastbourne SUS-150402-171744001

A popular motor garage in the heart of Eastbourne has shut its doors as it relocates to a bigger site.

Seaside Garage has been a long-standing fixture in the make-up of Fairlight Road and has a large customer base, largely owing to its residential location.

However, in a bid to expand his business, the garage’s owner, Andy Russell, has decided to close the Seaside site and open a new garage in Hawthorn Road, an industrial estate off Lottbridge Drove.

Mr Russell said, “I own two garages in the town, Seaside and one near ESK. The lease was running out on the garage near to ESK so I decided to merge the two and relocate to a bigger site.

“It’s natural progression. It’s hard to expand the business when it’s surrounded by houses in a residential area as Seaside Garage is.

“We’ve moved into a 10,000 square foot site in Hawthorn Road, which is already open for business.

“Because of the bigger size, we’re able to have all the latest technology and offer even more services than we previously have done.”

A sign was put up outside Seaside Garage, informing customers of the imminent closure and relocation.

Mr Russell currently still owns the land on which Seaside Garage sits.

The new garage is called Southern Co. and can be reached by calling 01323 643333 or by email on south

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