Seal washed up on beach with strange puncture marks

The rescued seal found on Eastbourne Beach
The rescued seal found on Eastbourne Beach

A seal with strange puncture marks on its body was found washed up on Eastbourne beach at the weekend – and is now recovering at a local wildlife rescue centre.

The animal was discovered on Sunday night at Langney Point by members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) who quickly alerted the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

The charity’s founder Trevor Weeks was quickly on the scene with fellow volunteer Kathy Martyn and the pair took over from the BDMLR people who had kept guard over the animal until the wildlife experts arrived.

Mr Weeks managed to catch the seal and gave it the once over – unearthing a host of puncture marks on its body, front and rear flippers and its muzzle.

The animal was also covered in blood.

Mr Weeks, said, “The seal was a reasonable weight for its rough age, and well hydrated too, but the injuries were of concern. We decided that the seal should have some treatment and observation at the seal facilities at RSPCA Mallydams at Fairlight, Hastings.”

The seal is expected to stay in care and under observation until its wounds are healed but the eventual plan it so release it back into the wild somewhere along the south coast.

“We are not sure at this stage what has caused the injuries,” revealed Mr Weeks, “it may be the rough weather or fighting with another seal.”

Keep an eye on the Herald for updates on the seal.