Seafront procession to be highlight of Eastbourne LGBT Mardi Gras


A lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender carnival procession on the seafront will be the highlight of next year’s Eastbourne’s Mardi Gras with the main event in Princes Park, organisers have revealed.

The news comes as Bourne Out LGBT holds a launch party on Thursday November 17 to gain more support for the 2017 event and everyone is welcome.

Betty Gallacher, who is spearheading the event as chairperson of Bourne Out LGBT Group, says she is very excited the town will be staging a party next year to celebrate equality, diversity and families.

The date is Saturday July 22 at Princes Park, and Betty is hoping everyone will get behind it and not just the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

Funding is already in place from the National Lottery Fund and now, says Betty, the hard work begins.

“I am a veteran campaigner of equality whether it be age, religion, colour or sexual orientation,” said Betty. “Now I want to see that message extended out to the people of Eastbourne, and a Mardi Gras is a great way of doing that.

“It is going to be a fantastic day of celebration. We have read so often about hate and homophobic crimes and we want to say that is unacceptable, we are all one. It is going to be a fun day for everyone – and we mean everyone.”

The launch party is taking place in the Ocean Suite on Eastbourne Pier on Thursday November 17 from 7-9pm.

Betty said, “We are extending an invitation to anyone who is interested in playing their part. It may just be by attending, it may be volunteering, it may be sponsoring.

“We anticipate people from across the south east so the economic benefits to the town are going to be massive, and of course this event will grow in stature every year. This will be year one, we are getting things off the ground – but as for the future, the sky really is the limit.”

The event has received approval from Eastbourne council and will include drag queens, music and stalls.