Seafront hotel goes up for sale at £3.25m

Chatsworth Hotel Eastbourne (for 'etc' dining feature).  April 18th 2011 E16050M
Chatsworth Hotel Eastbourne (for 'etc' dining feature). April 18th 2011 E16050M

The Chatsworth Hotel on Eastbourne seafront has been put up for sale with a £3.25 million price tag because its owner says he is fed up with the town and the local council.

Flamboyant hotelier Sheikh Abid Gulzar says he isn’t selling the hotel because he needs the money but because he feels he does not have the backing of Eastbourne Borough Council which he says is constantly nit picking.

Mr Gulzar, who is well-known in the town for his often outspoken views and who also owns the Albany and Mansion plus the Boship and the Lions Cub Nursery opposite the Fishermen’s Club, said this week, “I have ploughed millions of pounds into the East Sussex economy in recent years, securing hundreds of jobs for people, yet I do not feel I have the backing of Eastbourne Borough Council.

“I have had my run-ins with them in the past and I acknowledge that, but they make absolutely no effort to engage with Lion Hotels in a positive way – and I think they should. I’m not asking for them to come to me begging for co-operation but the constant negativity and nit-picking from the council really is getting me down, and that shouldn’t be the case.

“I am not being negative myself. I love Eastbourne and I love the town’s people, and I remain committed to what I believe is the most wonderful town in the country.”

Mr Gulzar says he may yet decide to invest the money from the Chatsworth – once sold – into a new project but he says he hasn’t decided that yet, and will wait until any sale is concluded.

“It will be sad if the Chatsworth is sold but this is a business decision and one that I feel would be best for Lion Hotels,’ he said.

Mr Gulzar is currently locked in a legal battle with Natural England and appealing after being fined £45,000 with £90,000 costs after being found guilty of damaging a protected conservation site on Pevensey Levels.