SEAFORD: Workmen save the day after Seaford crash horror

Thanks to the work of Dave Archer, Karl Furminger, Matt Stevens and Neil Williams, the move went ahead
Thanks to the work of Dave Archer, Karl Furminger, Matt Stevens and Neil Williams, the move went ahead

IT WAS all in a night’s work for a team of workmen who helped save the day when a Seaford resident crashed into his house the day before moving home.

Colin Furminger caused thousands of pounds worth of damage when he accidentally drove his Renault Megane into his home in Hythe Crescent, Seaford, on Wednesday evening.

The 73-year-old, who was buying in chain, was worried the sale would not go through and called his son, Karl, who works at The Builders Club in Seaford. Within minutes Karl arrived at the scene and – for the next 17 hours – a team of people worked throughout the night and repaired the damage just in the nick of time for the new homeowners to move in.

David Archer, owner of The Builders Club, said he was surprised to get a call from Karl that evening to say his dad had crashed through the lounge wall.

He added, “It’s a real case of community spirit and everybody pulled together.

“No one gave us any complaints for working through the night and neighbours even brought us tea.”

“We jacked up the windows and started dismantling everything. I phoned my guys up and booked them in. We worked literally through the whole night through until midday.

“I’m so proud of my team and all the people that have helped.”

A plasterer and painter were among those who joined in the mass repair job, which saw the team ringing contacts to get certain materials for the job. Among jobs included brickwork being repaired and a radiator and pipe work removed.

Amazingly the team, which also saw Colin’s other sons Ryan and Sean help out, finished the work with minutes to spare and all agreed not to be paid a penny.

The new family, who were watching the drama unfold from across the road, were able to move into their new home at 12.30pm on the Thursday, less than half an hour after the repairs were finished.

Colin and his wife Christine were also able to move into their new home in Seaford.

Family rallied around to support Mr Furminger, who was taken to hospital after the incident but discharged in the early hours of Thursday.

He said, “I can’t say enough about them, the whole lot, The Builders Club, the fire brigade and ambulance they were absolutely marvellous. The Builders Club – to do that and work all through the night is absolutely marvellous.

“I can’t thank and praise them enough.

“We would like to thank all of our sons for their support.”