SEAFORD: Water mains contractors find wartime tank traps

THE REMAINS of World War Two concrete tank traps have been unearthed during a scheme to replace old water mains in Seaford.

South East Water’s contractors made the discovery while renewing the water main in Buckle Close in January.

The Company is spending £278,000 upgrading a total of 1.4km of water mains in the town and the latest find has meant a delay to the completion of works.

David Brend, South East Water delivery manager, said, “It is always interesting when relics of the past are uncovered by our excavations, however these sorts of discoveries do have an impact on the progress of our schemes.

“Due to the discovery of these tank traps construction in Buckle Close, Buckle Rise and Buckle Drive is now not due for completion until February 25, 2011.

“To make up as much time as possible we have increased the workforce on site.”

The delay in completing work in Buckle Close, Buckle Rise and Buckle Drive has also had a knock-on effect on the other phases of South East Water’s work in Seaford.

Speaking last week Mr Brend added, “Work in Martello Road and Ringmer Road was now not due to begin until February 14, with construction due to last two weeks.

“This delay has also meant that we have to postpone construction on Phase Three of the scheme along Marine Parade.

“However completing work in Marine Parade remains a priority and will be undertaken as soon as possible.

“I would like to apologise for the delays and the inconvenience our work has been causing, but hope local residents understand the short term pain is worth the long term benefits this scheme will deliver.”