SEAFORD: Town potholes driving motorists mad

Pothole damage
Pothole damage

MOTORISTS have expressed concerns over a road in Seaford that is littered with deep cracks and potholes.

Residents in Kedale Road have been attempting to drive around the holes or taking other routes to avoid the worst of the damage.

John Purdie said he had moved his car away from the potholes so that debris would not hit his vehicle when other motorists travelled over them.

He said, “It’s frightening because vans come down here at 60mph. I’m concerned about motorbikes as they are inclined to lift up a bit.”

He added that last year the potholes had been filled it but claimed this was not done properly.

It is understood the cold weather has caused the cracks to open up in the road which joins on to the busy Belgrave Road.

While some homeowners were pleased that vehicles were travelling more slowly along the road others were keen to see the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Alan and Carol Edwards are also residents in Kedale Road.

Mrs Edwards said the same thing had happened in January last year and added that around three to four months ago the holes were filled in.

She said that this had been a temporary fix but the recent snow had made the situation much worse.

“Nothing has been done about it since. But they could be waiting to see if they get more snow first”, she said.”

A spokesman for East Sussex County Council said, “We inspect all our roads regularly but we do rely on reports from members of the public to pick up problems that have developed between inspections.

“Lots of extra potholes have appeared as a result of the recent freezing weather conditions .

“Where these are considered to be dangerous our highways engineers are out on the roads working hard to repair them as soon as possible.

“Now that we have been notified about the problem in Kedale Road and have had a chance to look at it, we have scheduled in a permanent repair for early next week (from January 10) and we hope to be able to complete it without closing the road.”