SEAFORD: Tories take control of the town council

The count at Downs Leisure Centre
The count at Downs Leisure Centre

MORE than a dozen new faces have joined Seaford Town Council after being voted in at last week’s elections, which saw the Conservatives gain control.

It’s a major change for the town council, which has been a Liberal Democrat stronghold since 2003.

The Tories took 15 of the available 20 seats and the Lib Dems the remaining five seats. The result means a loss of seven seats for the previously dominant party.

Well-known faces such as Jon Freeman and Martin Cornforth failed to hold their seats, with only Bob Allen from the Lib Dems being re-elected.

He was one of only six of the 20 councillors on Seaford Town Council that put themselves forward for re-election. Only four were successful - Conservatives Ian White, Barry Groves and Linda Wallraven as well as Bob Allen.

Deputy mayor Martin Cornforth, whose defeat means he will no longer have the chance to stand as mayor, aired his disapointment at not being re-elected.

Lib Dem Jon Freeman missed out with 729 votes, 58 behind Conservative Paul Heseltine who gained 787 and was elected to represent the West ward, along with Tories Ian White, Barry Groves and Linda Wallraven, who were all re-elected.

They were some close votes with Lib Dem and Conservative candidates Charlie Carr and Clive Hudson missing out with 538 and 541 votes respectively, just behind Conservative candidate Mark Brown who was elected in the Central ward with 547 votes.

He will be the only Tory councillor in that ward with Ali Hayder, Terry Goodman and Stephen Gauntlett representing the Lib Dems.

Conservative Benjamin Warren, 22, was delighted after winning a seat in both the Seaford Town Council and Lewes District elections. The Tory candidate said, “I’m ecstatic and can’t believe it. I’m really happy my district has got behind me and voted for me.”

He was equally joyous after learning of his victory at town council level.

Conservative Councillor Ian White, who also retained his seat at both councils added, “We’ve had a very successful day and now the hard work begins.We’re pleased with the result.”

Seaford Town Council

Central Ward

(Elected councillors in bold)

Stephen Gauntlett (Lib Dem) 705

Terry Goodman (Lib Dem) 644

Ali Hayder (Lib Dem) 632

Mark Brown (Con) 547

Clive Hudson (Con) 541

Charlie Carr (Lib Dem) 538

Peter Norman (Con) 516

James Cannon (independent) 507

Joanna Read-Watson (Con) 459

Agnes Wheeler (Labour) 288

George Cork (UKIP) 265

East Ward

Adrian Campbell (Con) 976

Maxine Buck (Con) 958

Andrew Hamilton (Con) 879

Rita Scarfe (Con) 831

Natalie Shapcott (Lib Dem) 706

Martin Cornforth (Lib Dem) 682

Tom Pritchard-Jones (Lib Dem) 639

Matt Walker (Lib Dem) 614

Alan Latham (UKIP) 412

June Wood (Labour) 272

South Ward

Bob Allen (Lib Dem) 790

Sam Adejini (Con) 762

Sylvia Dunn (Con) 732

Barry Burfield (Con) 689

Chris Payne (Con) 665

Lindsay Freeman (Lib Dem) 649

Julian Turner (Lib Dem) 594

Nicholas Freeman (Lib Dem) 566

Joan Lawton (Labour) 273

Christina Latham (UKIP) 255

West Ward

Linda Wallraven (Con) 883

Barry Groves (Con) 824

Ian White (Con) 814

Paul Heseltine (Con) 787

Peter Lavin (Lib Dem) 775

Jon Freeman (Lib Dem) 729

Jan O’Hara (Lib Dem) 706

Pat Ost (Lib Dem) 629

Frank Carstairs (UKIP) 368

David Greaves (UKIP) 273

Lorna Jones (Labour) 224

North Ward

Paul Franklin (Con) 727 Elected

Benjamin Warren (Con) 636

Anthony White (Con) 561

Sarah McStravick (Lib Dem) 542

Gary White (Con) 539

Eleas Hussain (Lib Dem) 538

Therese Saunders (Lib Dem) 526

Rahnuma Hayder (Lib Dem) 498

Peter White (independent) 351

Frank Parker (Labour) 314

Eddie Reynolds (independent) 308

Di Reynolds (independent) 305

Ann Rees (Labour) 296

Ursula Jenner (UKIP) 268