Seaford tip plans are rejected by campaign

A threatened waste site in Seaford is set to remain open for part of the week after revised plans were approved last week, but the news hasn’t been welcomed by everyone.

Initial proposals including closing Seaford’s Household and Recycling Unit but after gaining further evidence East Sussex County Council’s (ESCC) cabinet looked at other options.

It approved the new plan to see the site in Cradle Hill remain open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – but The Campaign to Save Cradle Hill from Closure group said they rejected the revised proposal and that opening the site for three days fell far short of what the people of Seaford had asked for.

Bob Downing, of the campaign’s steering committee, said it would continue its fight for the tip to remain open seven days a week, adding, “Our concern is that reducing Cradle Hill to part-time hours is, in effect, closure via the back door.”

Seaford Town Councillor Sam Adeniji, who organised a petition against the initial planned closure, said following the meeting, added, “I was looking forward to having our petition not to close Seaford recycling unit debated at full council meeting in February, however ESCC advised us that any decision taken at full council is not legally binding, as the final decision on the future of the Cradle Hill site will always be made by the cabinet.

“We have a duty to the people of Seaford and I will fight any attempts by East Sussex County Council to use this as a backdoor to closing the Seaford site.”

A spokesperson for East Sussex County Council said, “We did listen to the views of the petitioners, which informed our decision to revise the original proposals and to keep the Seaford waste site open three days a week.

“As a council, we operate a cabinet system which means most decisions don’t have to go through full council, however the issue was debated at length at the cabinet meeting by members of all political parties.

“It’s not accurate to say this is ‘closure by the back door’. While we still need to save money from our waste budget, we will be looking at alternative ways of achieving the remaining savings we need, and the proposals approved by cabinet secure the long-term future of the Seaford site.”