SEAFORD: Thumbs up for boundary wall

The wall was criticised as being 'overbearing'
The wall was criticised as being 'overbearing'

RETROSPECTIVE planning permission for a wall branded more akin to a ‘mafia hideout’ has been given the thumbs up.

The application for retention of a boundary wall, eight pillars, iron gates and railings at an address in Homefield Road caused controversy among residents who spoke against the plans at Seaford Town Council’s Planning & Highways Committee.

At that meeting a member of the public told councillors the latest changes were not in keeping with the area and that an original flint wall had been removed. Another said they felt the new wall spoiled the ambience of the area and was overbearing.

That committee objected on various grounds including being unneighbourly and unsightly. The land in question is next to the East Blatchington Conservation Area.

But Phillip Mann, who has lived at the property for six years, said despite some objections people living nearby thought the wall was fantastic.

The retrospective application - an application submitted before permission is obtained - was granted when it was discussed by Lewes District Council’s Planning Application Committee which made the final decision.

There were eight letters of objection with one resident stating the wall should be demolished and flint wall reinstated or the existing flint wall finished.

Other comments claimed the wall has the appearance of a new development and is more akin to an ‘episode of footballer’s wives’ or a ‘mafia hideout’.

Mr Mann added, “I demolished the previous wall before it was going to fall down. We spent a lot of money and had to bear in mind security. We improved it to how we wanted it.”

It was considered the proposal met with the aims and objectives of the Local Plan Policy, respects the character of the location and complied with Policy ST3 of the Lewes District Local Plan.