Seaford sleuth tracks down £500 winner

Mike Roper: Seaford's answer to Sherlock Holmes wasn't to be foiled
Mike Roper: Seaford's answer to Sherlock Holmes wasn't to be foiled

Mike Roper had to become a detective when the Rotary Club of Seaford made the draw in its Grand Charity Raffle 2014.

The Chairman of the club’s Fundraising Commitee had to track down the winner of the £500 first prize.

Mike had been joined by fellow Rotarians Peter Fenwick (Vice President) and Bill Pierce for the draw at the Morrisons store in Seaford.

The supermarket’s Jo Littlefair, assisted by staff and customers, pulled the seven winning tickets out of the drum.

Of course this is an exciting moment when the winner of the first prize of £500 is revealed, but it was tempered with a degree of apprehension when the details on the first prize ticket stub gave very few clues to the actual winner, other than a single name and an approximate location.

There was no telephone number or exact address – how were the Rotarians going to find out the winner?

It was decided positive action was required to track down the lucky individual and Mike began his investigations. Time spent trawling the Internet gave clues as to the location, and eventually, that afternoon Mike located the address and gained confirmation that there was a person so named on the ticket stub at this place.

But that person had taken off to sunny climes in Europe for the winter and would not return until next year. With some invaluable help from others, the winner was contacted by radio telephone and doggedly determined Mike was able to confirm he was speaking to the winner. They were, of course,se delighted to receive such good news, and kindly donated some of the winnings to the Rotary Club Charity.

All the other prize winners were more easily contacted but were equally as pleased to have won. The second prize of £100 and the third of £50 were supplemented by generous donations of wine, boxes of chocolates and tins of sweets from Morrisons.

The Rotary Club raised more than £2,100 from the raffle which will help support the local community in so many different ways.

The club has voiced a big thank you to Morrisons for its support and gifts, to all those involved in selling tickets and to the general public for their generosity.