SEAFORD: Seaford MP Norman Baker met with residents

Seaford MP Norman Baker met with residents
Seaford MP Norman Baker met with residents

RESIDENTS at SeeAbility’s Barclay House in Seaford received a visit from the town’s MP, Norman Baker.

Mr Baker responded to a letter from SeeAbility CEO David Scott-Ralphs, highlighting the impending removal of the mobility component of disability living allowance for those in residential care homes, which he says would severely affect people with disabilities, making it much more difficult for them to access their local community.

SeeAbility is a charity which works with people with sight loss and multiple disabilities. Barclay House is a rehabilitative residential home which provides specialist support to nine people with a visual impairment and other disabilities so that they are able to maximise their independence.

Mr Baker is currently trying to address some of the factors which cause added difficulties to people with disabilities, such as street clutter, confused signage and public transport information.

During his visit, Mr Baker spoke to a number of the residents at Barclay House about their concerns over the possible changes to disability allowance.

Emily Stewart explained that a significant part of her income and independence would be taken away if the mobility component of disability allowance were removed and Greg Cooper raised concerns about the possibility of local bus services being cut as a result of local spending cuts.

Mr Baker said, “It was useful and interesting to meet some of the residents at SeeAbility’s Barclay House, and I was keen to hear directly from people with disabilities to understand their concerns. 

“It was a very informative visit and I will do my best to take their concerns forward.”