Seaford: Save our green from building

A COMMUNITY group is seeking to have an area of land in Seaford listed as a village green, in a bid to protect it from future planning proposals.

For years, residents have fiercely objected to a series of planning applications which have included building homes and flats on the Hawth Valley Dip.

The Dip, which lies north of the railway line adjacent to Surrey Road, is connected by a tunnel under the railway line to the Old Brickfield site which is of nature conservation interest.

Residents have been in touch with Seaford Town Council to ask for advice and support in gaining Village Green status.

Individual councillors for the area have been in favour of this, and last Thursday a meeting of Seaford Town Council took place where a proposal to agree to provide officer assistance to the group was recommended.

While several councillors who spoke said they welcomed the idea, there were not sure if it would be successful.

Councillor Bob Allen said he felt that the recommendation should be backed, while Councillor Paul Heseltine praised the group, saying, “The Defenders of the Dip have done a sterling job in trying to put off any potential development.”

Councillor Ian White said while he did not think the council should currently commit itself to any legal wrangle over the issue, it could provide officer assistance, adding, “I think we should try and protect this area in our town as best we can.

“I have doubts about whether or not it will achieve village status, the criteria is quite lengthy. But we should indeed support them.”

Councillors backed a recommendation to agree to provide officer assistance to the group via Town Council Officers.

To register a village green, it must be proved that land is used by local residents, is used for legal activities, has been used for 20 years, people haven’t forced their way onto the land and it has been used without permission of the landowner.