Seaford: Reunion inspires ‘The Beatles Generation’

Alan Morton of Seaford with his book 'The Beatles Generation'
Alan Morton of Seaford with his book 'The Beatles Generation'

A REUNION with some old school friends helped inspire one Seaford resident to put pen to paper.

Alan Morton met with his pals, having not seen them in some 30-plus years, and reflects on the experience to write his book called The Beatles Generation.

The publication focuses on people who were brought up and went to school in the 1960s and much of the story focuses on aspects of Mr Morton’s own life.

It is the first time the 60-year-old has written a book.

He said, “It’s about my own personal experience of finding old school friends through websites. I hadn’t seen them for 30, 35 years.

“The idea came to me to reflect back to the days when we were at school together and when we got together for a meeting for the first time in 35 years.”

The book, published by Author House, tells of tales from school days to the present and what happened in between.

The Beatles Generation took the Beacon Road resident about a year to put together. He said, “I think I was always looking for something to write. The problem was really the subject matter.

“Once I had the idea I found the writing came relatively easily.

“I spent a lot of time polishing it up, editing and reviewing it, that was harder than writing the book.”

The book can be bought at Amazon and through E45120M