SEAFORD: Recluse’s body was in emaciated state

THE EMACIATED body of a recluse was found at her Seaford home, an inquest has heard.

Police were called to Celia Skilton’s property in South Way on February 14 following concern from neighbours.

The inquest heard that she weighed less than four stone and her body, which was found on the kitchen floor, was in a bad state of decomposition.

A post mortem examination showed the 63-year-old’s Body Mass Index was just 8.4. A healthy BMI is between 19 and 25. Pathologist Dr Jane Mercer concluded that she had died from extreme anorexia.

Concerns over her welfare had been highlighted and social services had been involved but when someone went to visit her back in 2009 she would not let them in.

They added she had not seemed dishevelled and appeared to have an independent personality.

However, after neighbours raised concerns after not seeing her at all for two weeks - even to put the rubbish out - police were called in.

The body of Miss Skilton, who had lived alone at the bungalow since the death of her mother, was found lying face down.

The inquest heard the property was dark, cold, in a poor condition and mould was growing on a carpet in the bedroom and other areas of the home. There was no food in the fridge or cupboards.

Police said they were satisfied there was no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

Deputy Coroner Joanna Pratt recorded a verdict of self-neglect.