SEAFORD: Pub owners share web info on troublemakers

A SUCCESSFUL scheme set up to help combat anti-social behaviour in Seaford’s pubs has taken to the web.

The move to take Seaford’s Pubwatch project online means that Lewes District is the first in Sussex to go on the internet.

All the pubs in Seaford town are part of the regular Pubwatch scheme which sees licensees share information about issues including any problem customers and gives them the opportunity to ban a person.

That individual is then refused entry to all pubs that are part of the scheme for a period of time until the situation is reviewed.

Now the information is online landlords can find more up to date details and do not have to wait for a meeting to find out who is banned.

Seaford neighbourhood licensing officer PC Richard Wilkes, who has been keen to get the project up and running online, said, “Seaford town has always had a small like-minded community of licensees who are committed to ensuring safe and well run venues for everyone to enjoy and free from crime and disorder.

“This objective has always been strengthened by a successful local Pubwatch scheme working in close partnership with the Seaford Neighbourhood Policing Team.

“Seaford Pubwatch online further enhances this by providing licensees faster and easier access to up to date information and provides a local network for even greater communication. I wish the scheme every success.”

Pubwatch is not a police-run project but licensees are able to work closely alongside the police and are informed if anyone on a ban has been causing problems elsewhere in the town.

Police are also able to issue photos of any banned person online.

The site gives landlords who have registered the chance to post bulletins and it is hoped in the future they can communicate via instant SMS text messaging.

PC Wilkes has worked alongside PC Matt Holt, PC Daran Goudie and Lewes District Council to get the schemes up online across the district.

There is now one for Seaford, Lewes and a joint one for Newhaven and Peacehaven.

PC Wilkes says Uckfield has also shown an interest in joining the scheme.