Seaford: MP Norman Baker’s Christmas Message

It is amusing to watch those old TV programmes from the 1960s or later, predicting the shape of things to come. They are nearly always hopelessly and comically wrong. The truth is it is difficult to predict a year ahead, let alone decades, so I’m not going to give you any firm predictions for outcomes in 2014, though I can perhaps say with some certainty that my postbag from Seaford will feature the delivery of health services to the town, as indeed it should. Maybe in 2014, we can finally start making some real progress towards getting the kind of health services in Seaford which the town needs and deserves.

I shall also be following the progress of various matters of importance to the town, whether that’s the fate of the lovely meanders at Cuckmere, the planned water park in Newhaven, or the blossoming of the town’s own radio station, Seahaven FM.

In the meantime, may I just wish all my constituents in Seaford and around a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and satisfying 2013.