Seaford MP calls for town clerk’s suspension

Seaford MP Norman Baker has called on the leader of the town council and his Conservative colleagues to suspend the town clerk, following allegations made about the running of the council.

It comes weeks after he announced he had called in auditors asking for an urgent investigation over the running and finances of the town council.

Now he is asking for the latest action to be taken against town clerk Sam Shippen, pending a full investigation into the allegations.

Mr Baker says the allegations include bullying and complaints from organisations and members of the public in the town about the treatment they have endured while engaging with Seaford Town Council.

Mr Baker said, “Given the nature and number of detailed allegations made, there has to be a proper inquiry and for that to occur, it is the correct procedure to suspend the town clerk, on full pay and on a neutral basis.

“That is in the interests of everyone, including the town clerk herself. There are huge problems at Seaford Town Council, yet the Tory leadership seems to believe it can simply plough on and the problems will go away, but they won’t.”

At a full council meeting of Seaford Town Council (STC) on January 27 councillors approved the establishment of a review committee to arrange an independent-led review to investigate concerns raised by Seaford residents about the operation of STC.

STC did not wish to comment.