SEAFORD: Lib Dems lose out at district level

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THE Conservatives enjoyed success at district council level, which had been Lib-Dem led for 20 years.

Previously the council had 18 Tories, 21 Lib Dems and two independent councillors but last week’s voting means out of the 41 district councillors 22 are now Tories, 18 Lib Dem and one independent.

The district has 21 wards, five of which affect Seaford - Central, East, North, South and West. Conservatives Ian White and Barry Groves retained their seats in Seaford West while Lib Dems Carolyn Lambert and Bob Allen also held onto their seats in their respective wards.

Conservatives Tony Nicholson and Rob Blackman enjoyed outstanding success in Seaford East ward with 992 and 929 votes respectively. Elsewhere Lib Dem hopeful Andrew Johnson missed out on being elected by 69 votes in the Seaford West ward.

Conservative Sam Adejini enjoyed success at both town and district level and received 733 votes to represent Seaford South at district level, 31 votes behind Bob Allen who received the most support in that ward.

Mr Adejini said, “It’s an honour to be elected to represent Seaford South. It gives me a chance to continue to campaign for better health services for Seaford.”

Councillors such as Lib Dems Jon Freeman and Kevin Mayers chose not to stand another term, along with independent Bob Sinclair.

District council election results for the Seaford wards are:

Seaford Central

(elected councillors in bold)

Carolyn Lambert (Lib Dem) 675

Stephen John Gauntlett (Lib Dem) 639

Mark Brown (Con) 533

Clive Hudson (Con) 459

James Cannon (Independent) 423

Agnes Wheeler (Labour) 225

George Cork (UKIP) 211

Patti Reed (Green) 197

Seaford East

Rob Blackman (Con) 992

Tony Nicholson (Con) 929

Natalie Shapcott (Lib Dem) 688

Matt Walker (Lib Dem) 604

Alan Latham (UKIP) 359

June Wood (Labour) 255

Seaford North

Paul Franklin (Con) 737

Benjamin Warren (Con) 587

Sarah McStravick (Lib Dem) 579

Eleas Hussain (Lib Dem) 549

Frank Parker (Labour) 292

Ann Rees (Labour) 269

Eddie Reynolds (independent) 255

Ursula Jenner (UKIP) 228

Seaford South

Bob Allen (Lib Dem) 764

Sam Adejini (Con) 733

Sylvia Dunn (Con) 722

Julian Turner (Lib Dem) 562

Joan Lawton (Labour) 250

Christina Latham (UKIP) 221

Seaford West

Barry Groves (Con) 866

Ian White (Con) 812

Andrew Johnson (Lib Dem) 743

Peter Lavin (Lib Dem) 734

Frank Carstairs (UKIP) 353

Lorna Jones (Labour) 201