SEAFORD: Keep active says Gladys

Gladys Adby
Gladys Adby

KEEPING the mind active is the key to longevity, according to one Seaford resident who celebrated her 102nd birthday on Monday.

Gladys Adby, who was born near Newbury, Berkshire, on May 16, 1909, marked the occasion with family and friends.

The centenarian, one of five children, was married to Albert George Adby and they had two children Pauline and David.

Gladys, who lives with her son David, moved to the Sussex town around 40 years ago. She said, “I have enjoyed every minute of it and I think it’s a nice town.”

As a young woman Gladys and her husband cycled all over the country, staying at farms and guest houses. Now she enjoys crocheting squares used for blankets and donates them to charity shops.

The Seaford resident, who has written down her memoirs for family members to read, said keeping the mind active and doing something was the key to long life.