SEAFORD: Just a week until polling day

WITH just over a week to go until people head to the polls the Gazette is publishing the list of the Lewes District Council candidates as well as the final profiles for those standing in the Seaford Town Council elections in the east and west ward.

A total of 34 people are hoping to represent Seaford as district councillors.

There are a total of 21 wards within the district, five of them that cover Seaford – Central, East, North, South and West wards.

Two seats are available per ward and a mixture of old and new faces have out themselves forward, including a number that are also standing in the town council election.

Successful candidates for both Seaford Town Council and Lewes District Council are due to be named on Friday May 6, the day after people go to the polls and cast their votes.

Thursday, May 5, will also see the referendum on the voting system, where people are being asked whether the alternative vote system should be used instead of the current, “first past the post” system used to elect MPs to the House of Commons.

The first past the post system sees the person with the most votes named as the winner where the Alternative Vote gives people the opportunity to rank candidates in order of preference.

If no one person has received more than half the number one votes then the second choices are looked at and so on before a winner is declared.

Below are the names of candidates standing to represent Seaford as district councillors.

Seaford Central: Mark Brown (Conservative); James Cannon (independent); George Cork (UKIP); Stephen Gauntlett (Liberal Democrat); Clive Hudson (Conservative); Carolyn Lambert (Liberal Democrat); Patti Read (The Green Party); Agnes Wheeler (Labour).

Seaford East: Rob Blackman (Conservative); Alan Latham (UKIP); Tony Nicholson (Conservative); Natalie Shapcott (Liberal Democrat); Matt Walker (Liberal Democrat); June Wood (Labour).

Seaford North: Paul Franklin (Conservative); Eleas Hussain (Liberal Democrat); Ursula Jenner (UKIP); Sarah McStravick (Liberal Democrat); Frank Parker (Labour); Ann Rees (Labour); Eddie Reynolds (independent); Benjamin Warren (Conservative).

Seaford South: Sam Adejini (Conservative); Bob Allen (Liberal Democrat); Sylvia Dunn (Conservative); Christina Latham (UKIP); Joan Lawton (Labour); Julian Turner (Liberal Democrat).

Seaford West: Frank Carstairs (UKIP); Barry Groves (Conservative); Andrew Johnson (Liberal Democrat); Lorna Jones (Labour); Peter Lavin (Liberal Democrat); Ian White (Conservative).