SEAFORD: Inquest told of dead woman’s diary entry clue

AN ELDERLY Seaford resident’s decomposed body was found in her bathtub weeks after she died.

Audrey Bealer had not been seen by neighbours for around a month when one of them raised the alarm.

An inquest into the Etherton Way resident’s death took place at Eastbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday, May 17.

A statement on behalf of neighbour Don Bray, who contacted police, was read out on his behalf.

It explained that the 74-year-old deceased was a private person who had previously become cross when police were contacted when she went on holiday in Eastbourne without telling anyone.

As a result of concerns over her welfare her property was broken in to.

In his statement Mr Bray said that because of this on the second occasion he did not contact police until some weeks after he had not seen her.

A statement read out on behalf of PC Christopher Broadway explained when he went to her home on October 18 last year that he had found no evidence of forced entry at the property and that Ms Bealer’s body was very decomposed.

It added that she had noted that she’d been unwell in her diary.

The last diary entry was made on September 8 last year where she described herself as ‘still feeling weak but getting fitter’.

A letter that was never sent to an acquaintance explained how she had been ill with a virus.

Pathologist Keith Ramesar said there was no evidence of any coronary artery disease and told the coroner Alan Craze that on the balance of probabilities the cause of death was gaestroenteritis.

Mr Craze gave this as the cause of death along with possible dehydration and recorded a verdict of natural causes.