SEAFORD: Honour created for the town’s great and good

PEOPLE who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to Seaford can now be honoured for their efforts by being given the title of Honorary Freeman of Seaford.

Seaford Town Council wishes to recognise the efforts of members of the community who have made an exceptional contribution and after a meeting last week it was voted to make it council policy.

Seaford Town Council leader Ian White said the council had never had such a policy and felt it was prudent that something should be done.

The policy was backed by his colleagues at a meeting of Seaford Town Council last week.

It means that someone who has been a volunteer for a considerable time for a charity or organisation could be nominated for the honour, as could an individual who has been given an outstanding sports achievement.

Bravery and an outstanding act that has helped to promote the town are also factors that could see someone put forward.

Once a nomination has been made it is then up to the council to decide if the person should be given the title of Honorary Freeman of Freewoman of Seaford.

Up to 12 people, unless otherwise decided by the council, can hold the title at any one time and the nomination must be sponsored by a town councillor. Cllr White added, “To give the Freedom of the Town would be the highest honour this town can give to any individual that makes an outstanding contribution to the town.”